Country Halls Tour

Welcome to our ‘all in, community night out’! This little sheet is in order for you to lock in the details of your application and make the final decision as to whether you are keen to host or not.

PLEASE NOTE - this is NOT the acceptance letter, just one to gain a little more information to see if we can make it work out this time around.

There is a final questionnaire that you must fill out at the bottom of this page in order to fully consider your application to host.

The whole idea behind this tour is to bring live music to our wonderful small communities, keep the halls in action and support the future of small and farming communities. Just for your reference, we personally don’t make barely anything from it and donate our time to playing in all your wonderful communities! We have brought this tour to over 150 halls in regional Australia now and think it’s the bees knees!

 Fanny + the Country Halls Tour Team.


Ah this is an unavoidable big one. It’s going to be a moving target and we are going to just have to continue to work with the unfolding circumstances. We are hopeful that by the time the tour starts we can return to normal capacities.


NSW = 100% Capacity for seated venues

VIC = 75% Capacity for seated venues

SA + ACT + TAS = 1 person per 2m squared.

QLD + NT + WA = Normal capacities.

Therefore we need the dimensions of the WHOLE PREMISES to determine how many people we can have.


We will work with you to help create covid safe plans and get them signed off by your council. We have been doing this since November now, and it’s very straightforward.


We will include covid clauses in our contracts that protect both you as a venue and us as the artist and promoter and if we have to reschedule – well, so be it!


We like to keep the event accessible to the whole community across all ages and demographics therefore, keeping the ticket price low is important to us. We will be using local small business Ticketebo (out of Vic) to run all tickets.

1.     DOOR DEAL

 You pay us a small deposit/guarantee. We pay you your Hall hire fee.

 You keep any money raised through sponsorship, food, bar, raffles etc.

We keep the ticket takings to cover the remainder of our costs.

The risk for this option is on us.



You pay us a set guarantee (which we can help you raise through sponsorship and support from your council etc.) and then your hall committee get to keep ALL the takings from the night.

Takings include: ticket sales, money raised through raffles, extra sponsorships, food, the bar etc.

So just to be clear, even if you get only one paying attendee, you are making money (not that this is ever the case – we work to sell out every show).


This fee covers: Band member fees, Sound gear, PA, Lights, Sound person, travel, band insurance plus we include publicity and marketing on top of that.

 Please note that it actually costs me a lot more to put on each show, however we want to keep the fee reasonable so that communities can afford it. The Risk is split.


SO. This seems like a bit of a monster however once you get the ball rolling it’s generally pretty straight forward and can come together quite easily. We will provide supporting documents and templates to get you started.



We will help you through this with some step by step checklists and resources.

WHAT WE WILL DO: We will be providing a lot of the promotion and marketing for the tour. Promotion will include and won’t be limited to Radio, Print, Social media, Poster, TV.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: WORD OF MOUTH. The most powerful of them all. Tell everyone. Get a buzz happening. Distribute flyers, Put it in your local newsletters and school newsletters, Run competitions to win tickets. get the posters up around town, Once we have announced it on social media > Share, tag and post post post.



Hall or local community group to provide.

FOOD: Having a local club such as the Footy club, Tennis club, P&C etc. put on a BBQ or a dinner of some sort which guests pay for and the money then supports the chosen club or the hall. OR Could be BYO picnic. It’s up to you and what you think will attract more of the community and support your community.

ALCOHOL: In regards to alcohol we are more than happy for you to have a bar (will be an attractive option for many) however the license is up to you as well. We take no responsibility over this. BYO is also an option as well. We recommend that the bar is in a separate space to the music OR we close it during the performances. Bars tend to encourage talking during the performances and with the acoustics of the halls, this makes it difficult for those trying to listen.

We will also provide a support act, insurance and guidance throughout the whole process!

Please fill out the form below so that we can continue with the booking process. The size of your venue is important for our covid safety plan so please fill it out accurately and return asap. First in best dressed.


Thanks again!

Fanny + the Country Halls Tour Team.

Contact for more information.