Under Our Hills Hoist

We love driving around this land playing in our band and meeting you all along the way! So much so we have done over 140,000km over the past couple of years doing exactly that~ Having just wrapped up a tremendous Queensland Under Our Hills Hoist Tour and a SOLD OUT 6th Annual Country Halls Tour with the full band we have decided to hit the road again as a two piece and bring it back to you in your Southern Backyards!

We have a couple of dates open for down south (Central/Southern NSW and Victoria) so fill out the form below and we can see what we can do! 

WE PROVIDE: The PA, the entertainment and the good times. 

YOU PROVIDE: The backyard/lounge-room/couch/paddock, the people, plus someone to sit on the gate to help with tickets and maybe some snacks for us (!)

PRIVATE OR PUBLIC: You can decide whether you would like the show to be open to the public or a private event. If its a public event we will assist with ticketing and can keep your address private until after tickets are purchased.

MONEY PART: We have a set fee that can be funded through the host paying it as a guarantee OR the host ensuring there are enough gig goers will attend to cover the costs OR a combination of the two. Please note there is a slightly different price for Thursdays and Sundays vs Friday and Saturday. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are two piece, listening shows where we encourage the gig goers to sit back and relax and enjoy the songs and stories. There is always a fun amount of crowd participation however just so you are aware before booking, we expect the audience to be listening and paying attention in an intimate concert type setting. 



August 17th + 18th + 19th 

August 24th + 25th + 26th

October 12th + 13th + 14th 

October 20th + 21st 

October 26 + 27th + 28th 

Nov 10th + 11th 

Nov 30th Dec 1st + 2nd 


Thanks team!