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Hey Dawn - CD

Hey Dawn - CD

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This is a collection of stories. Yours, mine, theirs, ours. The ones we were told that made us and the ones we tell ourselves that define us.  Hey Dawn is exactly that, it's a hey to the new. A nod to the old and a walk on forward regardless.   

'Fanny went into this album with one thing in mind – she wanted it to feel good. That’s all and as Rod Yates said, ‘Hey Dawn does feel good. It’s a rich character study, with the singer- songwriter reflecting on the stories that have shaped her and those around her… in short, Lumsden’s most complete offering to date.’

You will receive: 
-  1 Compact Disc Digipak Package
-  Personally signed by me (fanny) 
-  Hey Dawn Seed Card 

thanks friends, 
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