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Mini Muffs by Fanny

Mini Muffs by Fanny

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Protect your little ones’ precious hearing with ‘Mini Muffs by Fanny’.

We teamed up with New Junior to bring you ‘Mini Muffs by Fanny’ hearing protection for your baby. These ear-muffs have a noise reduction rating of 22dB and a soft non-slip elastic head band for comfort. Perfect for peace of mind at your next Fanny Lumsden gig! Or any noisy environment for that matter ;)

These baby ear-muffs are recommended for infants aged 0-2 years however our 3 year old still wears them and they work and fit perfectly.

ALSO NOW WE HAVE 2 COLOURS! PRE ORDER NEW MINI MUFFS! Being sent out next week (we hope, juggling two little ones now and being on the road, sometimes we are a little slow - let us know if you are in a hurry!).


Fanny and Dan.

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